Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prepaid Phone Cards

PrePaid Phone cards are a safe and easy way to make a call from almost any phone, anytime, anywhere.Prepaid phone cards originated in Italy back in the mid 1970s and spread from there to the rest of Europe, have now become popular in the United States too. offers a common platform for a wide variety of Prepaid Phone cards online.Save on international calls by purchasing Prepaid phone cards and cheap international calling cards through our website.
Prepaid phone cards represent telephone time you buy in advance. You pay from $5 to $15 or more up-front for local or long-distance phone time; the amount of time you buy depends on the rate-per-minute you're charged.

A prepaid phone card allows you to call almost anywhere from almost any phone simply by dialing a toll-free access number, entering your personal identification number (PIN), and dialing the number you want to reach.

TryCards is dedicated to provide Prepaid phone cards like international prepaid phone cards and rechargeable calling cards with crisp and clear connections . We have tried our best to bring those carriers together that really offer quality prepaid phone cards and that too at reasonable low rates.

Prepaid phone cards have some advantages over credit calling cards. For example, credit calling cards may charge more for your long-distance call at certain times than others, whereas you usually pay a uniform price per minute if you use your prepaid phone card--at least for calls within the U.S. On the other hand, prepaid phone cards (whose per-minute rates, according to one study, varied from 9 to 57 cents) are generally more expensive than making calls from home.

At present we provide access to various Prepaid phone cards that will allow you to make cheap international phone calls to Europe,United States and Asia etc and we make it sure that there are minimal hidden charges.....
Pick the phone card that suits you best like if you prefer low connection rates and no connection charge then opt for US calling card.

Phone cards can be used for multiple phone calls to any and all of available countries. Remember,Our Long Distance calling cards and prepaid phone cards offer the lowest rates for calling to many countries which provide more minutes than ever before with no or low connection fees.